The Kayak


Kelly and Gerry embarked on building a wooden kayak in the Spring of 2003.  After a couple of moves, getting married, selling two homes and buying another in North Carolina, the kayak is finally completed.  

The kayak is not only a wonderful symbol of navigating the swells of the stock market, but also a reminder that many things that we want most may not happen overnight.  We hope you enjoy these pictures and the tale of the building of the kayak.



 We ordered a "kit" from Newfound Woodworks. It was a bunch of wood, forms, plans and assorted other items.  This was the very beginning of our journey with the kayak. 





Here's the first strip of wood on the kayak. 


 More strips on the boat.


The completed hull, ready for its layer of fiberglass.



 fiberglass cloth



Fiberglassing is completed.                


Flipped over, so that that the boat is now right side up and ready for work to begin on the deck.

                            Kelly at work on the kayak.        


The deck starts coming into place.



       The finished deck; more sanding to come! 




Work is progressing on the cockpit.









Fiberglass cloth laid out on the deck.










Epoxying the fiberglass.









Now it's starting to look like a kayak!










Believe it or not, we actually could have used a few more clamps.







  Joining the deck to the hull.










The boat has to be vertical to do "end pours" of epoxy into the bow and stern.  Good thing there were some tall trees in the yard.











The finished kayak, ready for its maiden voyage.









A long time coming, but worth the wait.







The design of the kayak is now an integral part of the logo for Kelly Ryan Financial, and the inspiration for the tag line:  helping you navigate your financial life.